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September : Gold Ribbon

September 2019


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and is marked by the Gold colour. Larmenier and Sacred Heart Primary School, Gaspard and our daughter’s Apolline’s school has allowed children to wear gold accessories at school.

This was a very touching moment to see all the children wearing gold especially as a child in our Apolline’s class had recently passed away from Cancer.

In support of Great Ormond Street, they have raised 613,41£


Story behind the gold ribbon

Gold is a precious metal. Children are our most precious treasure. It is also a perfect symbol for the childhood cancer journey. Gold goes through a process by fire, to become stronger and tougher. Kids with childhood cancer similarly undergo such an experience. They often develop resiliency by facing all the difficult and painful challenges of childhood cancer.

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Christmas Gives Back

December 2019


Last December, our son Gaspard spent almost two months being treated in hospital. On Christmas Day, Gaspard was in the intensive care unit.

As a normal little boy, he did not get to spend Christmas with his family and did not get to gather around the Christmas tree waiting for Santa to come.

Despite this difficult situation, we were very touched by the amount of love and generosity we got from charities and families who dedicated their time to be around those suffering.

This month, a group of mums came together to collect, sort, wrap hampers and toys for the children and their families. 

The 18/12, more than 300 toys were distributed to the oncology wards. A massive thank you to the play specialists, Jennie and Alanna for their help. 

We could not be more touched to see the tears in parent's eyes but also the smiles of this children. 

  • Massive thanks to Parents Association of L’École du Parc in Clapham who have gathered their efforts and have encouraged school parents to donate gifts for the sick children. Thanks to the generosity of all the families, they have collected more than 40 presents.

  • Again, a big thank you and applause to Third Bridge who decided this year to replace the annual corporate Secret Santa and instead gather those funds to donate towards buying gifts for the children of the Great Ormond Street Hospital. More than £1,600 were collected across the London office. 

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Edith Murphy Foundation Donation

January 2020

We are delighted to announce that Hope with Gaspard was granted a £10,000 donation thanks to Edith Murphy Foundation. This is an amazing contribution that will go directly to Alice's Arc. We could not thank them enough for their tremendous generosity. 


Cheese Sale 

January 2020

For the past 10 years, our dear friend Emilie and her family have been selling Lancashire cheeses to raise money for charities. This year they have chosen to give half the profit (102£) to Hope with Gaspard . Thank you so much !!!! 


Tiger King Challenge

August 2020 

We are very excited to share with you the amazing story of Tom Hart or should we say Tiger King Junior who went through an amazing transformation to raise money for childhood cancer. We cannot thank him enough for chosing Hope with Gaspard for his challenge. Tom raised an amazing 12,860£ in just 4 weeks, a real achievement ! 


September Awareness 

September 2020


September is awareness month for childhood cancer and Hope with Gaspard went gold. 

Between September and December, we raised 1,595£ - thanks to all of you. 

A month to think about the survivors of cancer, those who are still fighting and the children who gained their wings too early. 

Only 4% of all funds raised to cancer research are going to childhood cancer. This is not enough and we need to keep raising awareness to make an impact. 

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A Gift for a Smile, Christmas Appeal

December 2020


Since Covid-19 hit our world, the hospitals have been at the frontline of the pandemic and many children have been the collateral damage of this extreme difficult situation experiencing late diagnosis and delayed in treatment. But these children are used to wearing a mask and used to worry about catching a virus due to their weakened immune systems. More than ever, Christmas is not going to be easy for them as they won't be able to spend it with both their parents and their sibblings.


This is a time that warrants resiliency but also different innovative approaches to help. Covid-19 has had an immediate and potential long-term impact on pediatric cancer research funding. Additionnaly, individuals who are financially struggling are making fewer donations to support charities and simultaneously, many charities have had to cut donations.


This year, we took a different approach and created online wish list so people were able to donate safely. Instead of giving hand to hand, all the toys and games had to be dropped at Great Ormond Street Charity Building to be quarantined before being distributed.

The play specialists of GOSH told us “we usually have 4-5 regular families giving big donations, this year only 2 were able to do so”. We are pleased to be one of them.


More than 700 presents were collected again this year. Toys, games, baby toys, craft, countless books, for all ages. This is a massive achievement.


I would like to thank everyone who have donated:

A big shout out to Zoe and Alexandra for promoting the event to their respective companies. Dealcloud and Publicis have massively contributed to this collection.

Thank you to my dear colleagues of Third Bridge who continue to support the cause.

A big thank you also to parents from Larmenier Sacred Heart, L’ecole du Parc (Clapham), Jacques Prevert and John Betts schools for being so generous.

Thank you for all our families and friends around the world for donating.

A last but not least, thank you to my dear friends, Emilie, Julie, Julie L and Alexandra for helping me during the event and for being here the day of distribution.

We would have never been able to achieve this without all of you, so thank you.

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