Saint-Mary's Primary School Race for Life Pretty Muddy

Gaspard was at St Mary’s Primary School when he was first diagnosed late December 2018. His teacher, Miss Mac along with Miss Maher, the Headteacher and the school decided to race the Pretty Muddy race in support of Great Ormond Street and raised an amazing 1299£ in March this year.

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London Landmarks Half Marathon

  • The 24th of March, Come, Matthieu and Joseph ran the half marathon in the name of Gaspard and to support different charities.

  • Come and Joseph raised 3152,60£ in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital

  • Matthieu raised 2695£ in support of Cancer Research UK 

  • Well done Guys !

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Shine Night Walk of London

  • On 21st of September, 10 of us decided to walk the Shine Night Walk semi marathon of London.

  • Shine Night Walk is Cancer’s Research Uk’s night-time marathon bringing people from across the UK together to light up London and fund life-saving research. This is unique event to support Cancer Research into over 200 types of cancer.

  • It was an amazing experience and very moving to see so many people walking in support of a loved one

  • This makes you realise the amount of people affected by the disease but also the amazing support behind

  • Our team walked for 4h31 through the streets of London by night.

  • We raised 10,500£ in support of Cancer Research UK

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Royal Park Half Marathon

  • On 13th of October, Ben and a number of our friends, some traveling from France, have raced the Royal Park Semi Marathon in the name of Gaspard and to support Alice’s Arc, the charity we have been supporting for a few months.

  • With personal fundraising and the support of Credit Agricole CIB, they successfully achieved to raise more than £36,300

  • Helping Hands Team at Credit Agricole CIB have granted £4,000 to Alice’s Arc is support of the research

  • This is a great achievement and we could not be more proud of the team. Well done guys !

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